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Flower Show

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ImageChawton Horticultural Society are proud to announce the Flower Show, to be held at the Village Hall on the 4th of August 2007 as part of the Village Fete.

All sections open to non-members

Whatever you grow
Come and show

The event will include  

  • Flowers
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Jams
  • Make-a-cake photo competition 
  • and much more

Why not have a go at the Flower Show this year ?

The flower show is one of the things that gives Chawton the feeling of a proper village fete. Over the years we have encouraged a friendly competitive spirit and encouraging as many people as possible to have a go.

So what’s the secret of success and what are the judges looking for when they award the firsts, seconds, thirds and highly commended ?

The expectation for vegetables , fruit and flowers is simply good examples of what any amateur can grow in their garden.
For a village show just remember that (whether it’s flowers, fruit or vegetables)  items grown in healthy soil, watered, fed and protected from pests will have that healthy look which catches the judges eye..

Selection is the key.This takes a bit of planning. Take a look at what’s ready during the week before the show  and tick the appropriate classes.Final selection of the produce is best done (as far as possible) the evening before, with perishable  items (eg.lettuces and flowers) being done on the morning of the show.

Onions and shallots need to be lifted in advance as properly ripened ones will win over those freshly picked.

Simply pick as many of the best items you can find.Compare and eliminate until you have selected the best.
Vegetables must be clean.For both flowers and vegetables a little judicious trimming of discoloured petals or surplus roots is fine, but the less the better.
Fruits are shown with stalks attached.Root vegetables should have the taproot intact.
There is a very useful guide ‘The Horticultural Show Handbook’ available from the RHS.

Just remember…………….

  • It’s all a bit of fun
  • And you’ve got to be in it to win it !!!

For more information, contact Flair Kitching on 01420  541 453


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